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When should you inspect ladders?


• Inspect new ladders promptly upon receipt.

• Inspect ladders before each use.

• Check the condition of ladders that have been dropped or have fallen before using them again.


What should you look for when inspecting any ladder?


• missing or loose steps or rungs (they are loose if you can move them by hand)

• damaged or worn non-slip feet

• loose nails, screws, bolts or nuts

• loose or faulty spreaders, locks, and other metal parts in poor repair

• rot, decay or warped rails in wooden ladders

• cracks and exposed fibreglass in fibreglass ladders

• cracked, split, worn or broken rails, braces, steps or rungs

• sharp edges on rails and rungs

• rough or splintered surfaces

• corrosion, rust, oxidization and excessive wear, especially on treads

• Twisted or distorted rails. Check ladders for distortion by sighting along the rails. Using a twisted or bowed ladder is hazardous.

• missing identification labels


What other things should I look for when inspecting stepladders?


• wobble

• loose or bent hinges and hinge spreaders

• broken stop on a hinge spreader


What should you look for when inspecting extension ladders?


• loose, broken or missing extension locks

• defective locks that do not seat properly when ladder is extended

• sufficient lubrication of working parts

• defective cords, chains and ropes

• missing or defective pads or sleeves


What should you do after inspecting any ladder?


• Tag any defective ladders and take them out of service.

• Clean fibreglass ladders every three months. Spray lightly with a clear lacquer or paste wax.

• Protect wooden ladders with a clear sealer or wood preservative.

• Replace worn or frayed ropes on extension ladders.

• Lubricate pulleys on extension ladders regularly.


What are some things you should not do after inspecting ladders?


• Do not make temporary or makeshift repairs.

• Do not try to straighten or use bent or bowed ladders.



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